Zapya File transfer tool Windows 7/8/10 FULL Download Torrent

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Zapya File transfer tool Windows 7/8/10 FULL Download Torrent

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Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya peer file sharing specifically designed for mobile devices to peer is a free application. This program is used to connect LANs peers sharing, easy way to transfer large files dagabeko networks. You should dividedevices connected to the same network and install the app, you can quickly navigate between files and even applications. It documents, multimedia, and a great way to share more dabulegoandodomu.

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Zapya simple interface, easy to useeasy to manage that type of social media sharing with support for files to be applied to harvesting. duzulagun call within the group to share files, search for the closest friends on the Internet and quickly preview files with embedded media player. data transferwireless network fast, free and easy; You can set up file sharing and bukatzeaberaiek just leave it spokoyi.Rezultatom is unlimited file sharing experience that is easy to use ECAC. There are limits to what you can do; For example, consumption morefive members of the group are limited.

WiFi users ederraFree

‘Re In an environment where multiple users on the same network Wi-Fi, for example, in the office or university halls, it is also very convenient tool Zapya file sharing.