X Mouse Button Control Download Free Torrent

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X Mouse Button Control Download Free Torrent

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X Mouse Button Control

The modest mouse can do much more than just point and click, and the X-Control key wants to unlock its full potential. With this free tool, you can assign new features to the mouse. Not only can it assign new tasks to each button, but it can also contextDepends, so the function of one button in one piece of software in the other is not the same.

Pretty optional for the keys

Using the Ks-Mouse Control Button can at first be scary: there are many options, and the interface, although clean and easy to understand, does not hold you intask process. However, there is no sense in terms of diversity: you can create more profiles, each with its own set of functions. You can even create “layers” or sets of new commands in each profile, so you can use the mouse for different functions at different times.

Practicaladvanced users

Ks mousebutton control is a very powerful tool for adjusting the interface for people who want to continue a wide range of different functions by simply pressing a button or touch their movement point. It may be frustrating for new users, but it does moreof good with many options.

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