Wonder Woman 2017 DVDRip.AVC Torrent Download

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Wonder Woman 2017 DVDRip.AVC Torrent Download

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Wonder Woman 2017

A woman before she told Diana, Princess of Amazon, a warrior of training. If the pilot problems and conflicts in the outside world, she leaves home to wage war with Lao Sin war all, discover the full force of her fate is true. Logan 2017 DVDRip.AVC Free Torrent Download
Before she told the woman, her Diana, Princess Amazon, training,To be a warrior invincible. http://thors-el.dk/storks-2016-dvdrip-full-torrent-download/
Brought up on the island of Paradise are applicable when the pilot of the problem on the American coast and tell them about the candlestick rages in the outside world, Diana leaves her home that she can stop the threat. Fighting on a par with men in the war to finishAll the wars of Lao Sin, Diana discovered that her power and her real destiny.

PodazravanyWomanDiana Princess Amazon raised on the island are filled with a fit competition of immortal super-women, and these women were trained to become fighters invincible. If the American pilots Stev TrevorAccidentally falls on the island and tells Diana about the war going on in the outside world, Diana leaves her house to try to stop the war and become a superheroine known as the Wonder Woman.

English language

Classification: Н.А.

General Release date: 1 June 2017

Genre: Action / Adventure/ Superhero

Timing: No

Distributor: WARNER BROS. Photo

Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Lucy Davis, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright

Director: Patty Jenkins

Format: 2D