Wolfenstein The New Order RELOADED 32bit-64bit download free torrent

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Wolfenstein The New Order RELOADED 32bit-64bit download free torrent

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Wolfenstein The New Order RELOADED


Wolfenstein: The New Order (c) Bethesda Softworks

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1: ………. DISC (S) .. ……..: Action

Wolfenstein: The New Order regent series

First person shooter genre. Developing games in the machine, a study

Staffed by an experienced group of developers who are recognized for their work

Wolfenstein offers games deep in history, making games based on stories

Conacción, adventure and combat first-hand.

IntensCinematicAnd returned in stunning detail with ID id Software

Tech 5 engine, Wolfenstein sends players in Europe on a personal mission

To put the Nazi war machine. With the help of a small group

Resistance fighters infiltrate their facilities instead,

Combating high-tech Nazi legions, and check the super-weapons that have

They conquered the country and beyond.

Most important features:

* Action and adventure

Wolf Steinde breathtaking set pieces of beach in storms

FortalezaOpen coast of the Baltic Sea, underwater exploration Nazi-controlled player

War machines, and more to create an exciting look

Experience action and adventure.

* The story and the characters:

Hi-octane action and exciting adventure packed together

Fits game history, great interaction with unforgettable characters.

* The history and definition

Only in the background of an alternative 1960 is an unknown world discovered

Ruled by a famous enemy who changed historyAnd distorted


* Arsenal attack

Breaking in secret research facilities and heavily guarded for weapon stashes

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Experience intense fights in the first person as

Bots Nazi’s Big, Giant and Elite Super Soldiers

shock troops.

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