Viber 5.1 Installer download

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Viber 5.1 Installer download

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Viber 5.1

The Windows version of the popular 10 Viber messaging app lets you chat, make calls, send and share photos with funny stickers relations. Thus, you can have both on your phone and on your home computer.

Chat and phone calls, and home-based napastayannay

firstyou need to know if you download Viber for Windows 10 is that you povinnivstanovlenih on your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. During the registration process you chiWedi’i stimulated to enter your phone number, you will receive a code for the program on Windows 10.

While vashspis import contactsViber Viber and included in the application. Thus, you will be able tosee all of your friends who use Viber and tostart the ability to communicate with them.

ViberforWindows, 10 allows you to chat and make voice calls (no video) with your contacts, as well as the claim nalepkismeshnyya emoticons builtin diweddarafFersiynau for mobile phones.

In a conversation topic, Viber allows you to create a group chat up to 40 contacts. Unfortunately, this version of Viber doesn’tsupport group calls, so you need to make it as a whole.

Select is able to take advantage of features in Windows 10 on vzrovnianatatsy, dynamic charactersand docking station functions.

Post work well and can be displayed on the display device of coal. The icon displays information about your last conversation or a call, and if you want to attach any contact with vashymdoma to get more direct access. And the best part: Dockfeature allowsViber chat off in a corner ekranav while other programs that you use. Nice.

Clean and clear interface, if this version of Viber is “the Windows 10 style”, “very, very modern. It is characterized by very chystyminterfeysam on a white background with purple details. buttonand elements ywMawr and “designed for use with the sensor device. the only thing we would say that the interface is so pure that gives the impression of more chaos, almost empty.

The connection quality is impressive in our tests was the clarity is excellent.

alebez doubt the best Viber from a consumer perspectiveavailable on the phone and the PC. This is great because it means that you can chat with a friend while you go through the house, and then in front of a laptop parhauY conversation or desktop computer.

Very good, yes, but in the same way that all other

Viber is an applicationfor Windows, 10is complex messages, there is no doubt. It’s easy, pleasant to the eye and works great on everything. He does the same with every means that it is the same as all of its competitors.

Viber is nothing that is not Skype or line does not produce rabits.Na actually seeingas it is sharevideos than ffeiliauAc make video calls, you can not, it makes less than its competitors. Thus, if you are a regular, Sun defnyddioViber its reasons for changing your messages on a regular basis.