Thoroughbreds 2017 Spanish AVI Movie Torrent

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Thoroughbreds 2017 Spanish AVI Movie Torrent

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Thoroughbreds 2017

Two teenage girls teenager reconsider its membership in suburban Connecticut, which is becoming increasingly unlikely after separately. Together they bring a plan to solve their problems – regardless of price.

Childhood friends Lily and Amanda resume in the suburbs of Connecticutafter several years of increased separately. Lily has become a world-class teenage girl with shiny luxury residential school transcripts and points pryznachennyaprygozhaya gambling, Amanda developed intellect suddenly and distinctive, but it is in the processformation of social exclusion. Despite the fact that they seem to be far away, it’s time to have Lilys suspicion because his stepfather, Mark, and if the friendship grew, they began to bring the most downward trend together. Their ambition led them to hire local Hustler, team and take matters into their ownhands to put zhytstsoyany live.

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