The Sims 4: Download Torrent

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The Sims 4: Download Torrent

No virus
The Sims 4:

NOTE: This version contains:

In The Sims 4 Up All evening concert digital content resources of the laser light, fun decorations, costumes and outrageous party.

The Sims 4 The life of the party digital content is flaming Tiki Bar, clothes, stylish stylized for your Sims.

The Sims 4, a large animal hats Digital Content has a collection of funny animal hats for your Sims to support and see!

Sims 4 Digital Soundtrack Digital soundtrack with music from the game.

Never Ending Award (WorldAvonturen)

Son Award (ambitions)

UV-light-Reward (Let Eight)

Prize ability for generations (generations)

Prize anonymous legs (PET)

Your name in lights Prize (Showtime)

Enchanted Aurora Award (miraculous)

Whatever Award time (season)

Granting alma mater (University)

Tropical actually reward (Paradise Island)

Travel Awards time (in the future)

The ultimate reward for rabbits Freeze

DLC Love Party

Perfect Patio therapy

Cool Stuff Kitchen

Festive Holiday Package


thingsromantic garden

film talk

in racks

cool things to shine

Adding external Retired Sims 4

The Sims 4 Get To complement the work

The additive Sims 4 Day Spa

The Sims 4 Get Together Additive

Find your favorite movies of The Sims 4 DLC material startled

The Sims 4 DLC Dine Out

Samson City Living 4 DLC

sweet child 4 – Top Games

The Sims 4 Vampires

Sims Bowling Night 4

A collection of The Sims 3Vsichki packages packaging + repack expanding by Mr. DJ (Me)

Functions for recovery:

-Interface languages ​​are English (all languages);

– version of the game (at the latest);

– Pregemaakt – installation (not mandatory origin or other nonsense);

– Installation time – 30 minutes

– Finished Size: + 8GB for updates and stores worlds

– Register: Yes

– Operating system: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win (32 and 64 bit)


The base game Sims 3

DESIMA 3: World Adventures

Osimo 3: Under high

Sims 3: Ambitions

Sims 3: Accelerating material

Samson 3: Late Night

Sims3: Outdoor Living

Sims 3: Generations

Sims 3: Generations

Sims 3: Pets

Sims 3: Master Suite

The time for the show

Sims 3: Candy Katieperi

Sims 3: Diesel things

Sims 3: Supernatural

Samson 3: Seasons

Sims 3: 70, 80 90 Stuff

Sims 3: University life

Sims 3: Island Paradise

Everything about the film

Simsanat3: In the future

Keep changes a26 1 July 2011, was installed as separate packages install packages to install (installation guide admittedly easy) …

You can easilyadd other updates stores or custom content as much as the game ended

Five other Sims II is also available as a separate

alsupdates worlds and shops can be found in the “Shops and worlds”

They include The Sims 3 World (you can add more):

1. Appaloosa Plains

2. MechRunner SKIDROW Download Torrent Bridgeport

3. Isla Paradiso

4.svetlinavodopad moon

5. Starlight Shores

6. Sunset Valley

7. Twin Brook

8. Barnacle Bay (install a separate package)

9. Lucky Palmas (installation of a separate bar)

(Aseparate installation package)

Tide (separate installation package)

Valley (install a separate package)

Yes, the dragon egg! I corrected the mistake of Dragon Valley, fix instructions

** Installation Instructions:

(For Avast gebruikersvan: turn off the screen in Deep antivirus settings) … NastroykaIziskva final implementation “Dotnetframe” (not “redistribution”), for XP users, the system fails, download and install compatible “Dotnetframe” of

Before you start configuringThis opladenzorg sure that all my Sims 3 game eliminated, if available on your system, make sure that there is no folder, Documents folder of Electronic Arts’ ( ‘My Documents’ for XP users) Remove the previous game Sims 3 as “Electronic Arts” flyers “the Sims 3”, which consists of cash and mods of his previous leadership igraKoetokan paraQuebrando folder held the rebound after the first time you start

It can not be subjected to the first game to use the timeinstall them after the first game,

After the start of the installation, select the necessary software (X directly and Visual C ++, determined Redist folder), install as usual, playing the game on your desktop

For the first time you open the game, the game will take a long time to start (black screen), be patient, next time QUEO game begins

The game altijdzal show the home screen “Into the Future” since the last extension, everything is included

The first time you load eachworld, the load takes time, be patient. It’s like turning over 10 games at once (do not think that is frozen) just wait Enver tie

Enter the text “operational efficiency” I guarantee the best performance from The Sims 3 has a problem in identifying numerososnovas graphics cards (determined whether the graphical glitches) ….. ..
The Sims 4

neIzteglyanecorrecties or updates to the manual update of the game, if any, in

If you want replicas, provide feedback and

How to play, buyand keep

Check out my official website:

Mr DJ prezapada

As the guys who support, help get updates on upcoming charging cycles