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The Party 2017 KAT Free Torrent Download

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The Party 2017

Janet is organizing a party to celebrate her new promotion, but upon arrival, visitors are obvious that not everything will turn out smoothly like red wine. To celebrate her long-awaited prestigious post of health minister and, hopefully, the shadow party crudo, the newly appointed British politicianJanet gives a party to friends in his apartment in London. Of course, this is a selected and intimate desire, with the exception of Bill – devoted academic man, Janet – the elite getyparestyaprosheni selected guests: NieKwiecień, sour cynical American best friend; it’s almost a German manGottfried; There is also Ginny and Martha; and, finally, Tom, a smooth banker in a great color. But inevitably, before dinner, the optimistic atmosphere is broken into pieces, as oppressive secrets begin to grow in this perfect inner zone of wars. There is no doubt that this night will never bewill not be the same.

Coverage, which was four presidential firsthand of the first woman-newspaper publisher and hard-edged editor of the country to join the unprecedented battle between the press ANDTHE GOVERNMENT. If an American military analyst, Ellsberg, understands the depth of his hostile scam, the US governmentabout the futility of the Vietnam War, he takes steps by copying the secret documents, the documents will become the Pentagon. Later, the owner of the Washington Post, Kay Graham, is still dostosowującprzed taking on the business of his husband, if the editor of BenBradley finds that the New York Times made them forwithdrawal of these works.
Of course, compete with journalists, publish yourself and fill out a copy of these Ellsberg documents. However, Post plans to disclose their request for federal order, which they all accuse of contempt. Now Kay Graham has to decide to withdraw his securitiesor publish and fight for freedom of the press. At the same time, Graham and his employees join the democratic camps of the ideal balance of America.