Sony Vegas Pro 13 32-Bit Portable Download Torrent

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Sony Vegas Pro 13 32-Bit +Portable Download Torrent

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Sony Vegas Pro 13

Designed for complete creative control

Vegas Pro 13 is a modern NLE designed for full creative control. New features include advanced archives, advanced audio and mobile apps Vegas Pro Connect for Mobile iPad. Vegas Pro13 comes with DVD ArchitectPro 6, Dolby Digital Professional Encoder, and plug-in collectionsby FKSHOME, NevBlueFKS and iZotope.

Innovative editing tools

Editing SD, HD, 2K and 4K materials in 2D or stereoscopic 3D with drag drop 3D or traditional 3-point and 4-point editing modes. The Pro 13 Interface provides an impressive array of innovative toolsand imaginative features, with a fully customized workspace for a wide range of production tasks. Nest Vegas Pro develops on a timeline, configures and saves the command line, and uses scripts for automation applications for recurring tasks.

Powerful effects and combinedengines

Combine up to 32 quality key effects on each effective chain and apply your expertise, strips, media, or project level. Vegas Pro 13 uses the OpenFKS Plug-in plug-in to ensure compatibility with hundreds of contemporary effects created by leading developersof VFKS video effects. Parents / children’s walkways and 2D and 3D modes provide a powerful, flexible and complex environment and result. Masks and FKS masks facilitate manipulation by pushing, cutting and effecting effects. Color matching combined with a wide range of correction toolsThe color scheme allows you to quickly combine the color characteristics of one another.


Import and export a wide range of files to and from Vegas Pro. ProjectShare can convert between local .veg files and FAA to unsaturated ProTools, XML for Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Final CutPro X (Export Only), DaVinci Resolve and 10 .prproj for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC CC.

New Features in Version (Build290)


– Supported support for Windows videos (.avi), KuickTime (.mov) and Windows Media Video (.vmv) with frame sizes up to 4096k4096.

– Added the KFHD 24p template in the Properties Properties dialog box so you cancreate projects with a 3840k2160 frame rate and frame rate per second.

-Audio: add-ons and registrations.


-Enhanced archiving of projects.

-Add proxy server for effective mobile editing when using the CBK-VA100 / VA101 Wireless Adapter CBK: upload video toa cloud agent or another server, start uređivanjemvaš project using proxy and switch to the media with full resolution when you are ready to complete your project.

– Configure the main toolbar and add controls to set the timeline on the bar”Transport” and “Schedule” below the schedule.

-Added Vegas Pro Connect. When you work with Vegas Pro, you can use Vegas Pro Connect to remotely control Vegas transport functions to find and delete the timeline and add tags.

– New option Allowing floating installation windowsThe onslaught station in the Settings tab lets you choose whether to swim around the Connections window when you are moving.

– New. Automatically create video proxies for setting up Ultra HD multimedia in the Settings tab. You can choose whether to automatically create fileson a proxy server when you add 4K-video to your project.


Added support for reading metadata (including time code) in KSAVC S. files

Added rendering support without KSAVC Intra MKSF video (smart display).

Significant repairs / revisions to the version(Build 310)

-InstalledGreek, which led to a drop in startup when loading some older plug-ins other manufacturers (includingCineForm CFHD, NevBlue Titler 1 and 2 and Camtasia).

– An error has been created to prevent some third-party app extensions from loading properly based on the old.NET Framework.

-InstalledGreek, which could lead to an error when leaving Vegas.

– There was an errorMaking an error importing projects using import files.

– An error has occurred that has caused an error in using imported import project filesDaVinci Resolve if the metadata is missing.

-We will encounter an error that prevents Vegas Pro from using the Registry later in the installation process.

– Fixed error that misused English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish during installationopened incomplete translations in the Vegas interface. Installing this update will restore the existing localized Vegas Pro 13 settings to English.

* English is currently the only supported language for Vegas Pro 13. Localization Vegas Pro 13 continues and wants to be released,when available.

System Requirements

-Vindovs 7, 8 or Operating System (64-bit version)

The -2 GHz processor (multi-core or multiprocessor is recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D, 8 cores recommended for 4K)

-1 GB of disk space to install the program

-SSD or high-speed multi-diskRAID for 4K media

-4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended, 16 GB recommended for 4 KB)

-OHCI compatible IEEE-1394DV card (for DV and HDV recording and recording tapes)

-USB (to import from AVCHD, KSDCAM EKS, NKSCAM or DVD camcorder)

-Vindovs compatible sound card

-DVD-ROM drive (DVD installation only)

– CD-ROM supported (only for burningCDs)

A supported DVD that can be recorded (DVD burning only)

BD-R / -RE supported disc (Blu-ray Disc only)

-GPU-accelerated imaging and rendering requires support for OpenCL NVIDIA, AMD / ATI or Intel GPU with 512 MB of memory; 1GB for 4K.

-Microsoft .NET Framework

-Application KuickTime orlater to read and write KuickTime files

-Internet connection (forGracenote MusicID service)

Languages: English