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Safari Download

No virus

Apple has criticized widely when a very unstable and unstable version of Safari for Windows disappeared. Since then, many have changed, but Safari 5 has gone a long way with concepts like the new Reader icon for easier reading on one page, faster page overload, and significantly improvedHTML5 support for better video support and stability.

All genuine features, such as Top Tabs, for easy site management and Cover Navigation for navigation via iTunes labeling sites, are stored.

Great accessories to Apple

Safari was the first search engine for Vindovs, who introduced itThe most popular sites, which is one of the most attractive aspects of Safari. The best locations show a panoramic sketch of the most visited locations on a single screen. Just click on the window you want to visit and go directly to the page. If you visit the same pages daily,The most popular sites are a convenient way to access them as soon as you open the browser without access to bookmarks. This is also a good way to track your sites often visited by coca and you can block your favorite sites from one place, so you always know where it is when you open Safari.Interesting locations on the corner show those who have new content, so you can immediately see which ones are updated.

Time coverage will be familiar to all users of iTunes, which allows you to browse the bookmarks by post messages on the full screen, because they looked likethe last time you looked at them. The principle is based on changing the album in iTunes. Though it looks great, its usefulness causes doubts.

Still, searching for a story is useful. Just typing and Safari shows each individual page that caches this word – very helpful whenyou can not remember where, for example, you saw the name of a particular person or game.

Add-ons, such as a reader, allow you to view your content in a location, there’s no way to change it. The Safari search box also has many search options, so you are not lockedon Google.

Other convenient Safari features include Tabs on Top, which simplifies access and opens tabs at the very top of Safari. You can also drag tabs to another Safari window.

In addition to this, the standard Safari function remains. Clicking on the RSS table in the URL string can get everythingFeeds you can send in chronological order and get a detailed view or title.

Stable and practical

Safari eliminates most of the errors, which makes it unpleasant to use on the computer and is now a very stable and convenient browser. Improved HTML5 support, which means you can nowwatch HTML5 videos in full-screen mode plus HTML5. Geolocation capabilities are now available to Safari users.

navigatsionniivSafari has also become much easier, thanks to the projected link URL that actually looks in Out of the Keyword and Site Archives ContextIt’s true when surfing a site is more precise and refined. Speed ​​has always been significant in Safari, and Apple has accelerated the modern Nitro engine, which, he says, works much faster than previous versions of Javascript.

This is not the best, but certainly the easiest

Safari is not enoughavailable in plagiarism with respect to Firefok and Chrome, but it can not be denied that Safari brings the style and class of Apple’s companion.

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