Rock Bro! 2016 HD English full movie torrent



Rock Bro! 2016 HD English full movie torrent

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Rock Bro! 2016

Ayers Rock Band Bro! Rimba Bara continued to struggle in the music industry is full of political games. In the meantime it became Jijoe to rock queen Ella in a recording studio and fell in love with her. Jijoe love as he is ready to leave the life of rock music becomes contractor F-wide, so it will be safer life. This ensures that Rimba Bara and messy conflict.

Languages: Malay

Classification: P13

General release date: October 27, 2016

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Duration: Not available


Cast: Khir Rahman Hasnul Rahmat, Pekin Ibrahim, Kaka Azraff

Directed by Mamat Khalid

Format: 2D