Ready Player One 2018 license torrent

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Ready Player One 2018 license torrent

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Ready Player One 2018

From director Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi action adventure Readi Player One, based on the famous British bestseller Ernest Cline, who set the movie’s world in 2045, and the world is on the verge of chaos and collapse. But humans have found salvation in OASIS, the vast universe of the virtual, a reality made by brilliant and eccentric James Haliday (Mark Rilans). When Halliday dies, he leaves a great wealth to first man inthe digital Easter egg sakrionegde in OASIS, competition a challenge, the world zanimavatseliya. When the young character Vade Vatts (Tie Sheridan) decides to join the contest, he was thrown into a ruse, really intent on treasure hunts through a fantastic universe of mystery, danger and discovery.

Readi Plaier OneVade Vatts avoids reality by playing a game called Oasis. When the founder of the game dies, his wealth becomes in the game asEaster egg hunt offered. The vote joins the hunt, but five years later he meets corrupt opponents who want to earn money in the real world and in the oasis.


Subtitle: Well

Classification: NA

Total release date: March 29, 2011

Genre: Science Fiction

Working time: Not available

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C: Olivia Cook

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Format: 2D

When the creator of the virtual reality world named Oasis dies, he releases a video thatChallenge all OASIS users to discover their easter egg that will find the inventor of their wealth. Wad Watts discovers the first hint and starts an egg race. The film centers are a young team called Vade Watts. In the near future, Watts avoids his daily torture by referring to the MMO game “Oasis.” When the billionaire’s founder dies, he gives players their status as a hunt for Easter eggs in the oasis. Watt comes into action and in five years he faces the enemies of the companyin the real world and in the oasis.