My Family Tree 6 32-Bit download

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My Family Tree 6 32-Bit download

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My Family Tree 6

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Before you have a small but powerful application that allows you to create and import and edit your family tree, view them in a convenient graphical form or download my family, you can always visit our site as always. full messages.

Once you have made the information available, you can take a picture of the family member, name, date of birth and add death if necessary, add a summary. At the end of the processYou can export, create a tree and share your friends.

Among the benefits of my genealogy tree are: Data support that can visualize over time scroll, online support, password protection, if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen, slide show mode, pedigree saved files, and then edit. My Family Tree 6
add test links (eg have relatives or if you have some documents), you can see how he movedFamily debt with Google Earth.

Generally speaking, my family tree Just like a work program has an attractive interface contains many features do not need money, you have to install the .NET Framework version, I think in modern systems will not be a problem.

How to install:

Instructions inside

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