Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 x86 x64 FastDL Download Torrent

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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 x86 x64 FastDL Download Torrent

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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013

A new updated version of the Microsoft Office 2013 interface for a better society. The gestures and touch, stylus, mouse and keyboard optimized, and according to the new Windows devices, including board support.
Micosoft Office 2013
OneNote and Lync office in the morning, estiloWindows board 10 are trained to work on your hands. By the way, it is claimed broad support for Windows 8, including Windows RT.

15 changes to a job list:

The new interface, which is closer to the concept of Metro, menu buttons duty flat 15 (velOfficium analogiaz2013- market debate a new package) name;

Ability to read the comments to see;

A new opportunity to increase / font size, Alignment, line to reduce the width of the page to control the distance between the subsequent sections;

Edit menu plan NewOrri board.

Office 2013, which are on the generations is not supported by the operating system Windows 7 equivalent exemption.

According to the developer workers new version of Office software to support work on the iPad. bereziakontsumitzaileei aeditioYou hurt tablet Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a special edition of the work (there is already a recall OneNote).

ARM’s office 15 cm for Windows RT (ARM processors running a special assembly Winodws 8 pc) will be a part of.

SuiteIt popular social networking services hope Facebook, Flickr, Hotmail and SkyDrive integrated into the sites.

You can also say, the software in the company, was preparing to Marketplacequod online platform for third-party electoral office in the gospel.

Office 15 is removed from the version of StockStarter Edition, you really do not zenoso popular with consumers. 60-day trial place to eat out of the normal range of Microsoft Office would distribute it.

The program included in the Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus;

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft InfoPath

Microsoft Lync

marks MicrosoftEdna

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft SkyDrive Pro

Microsoft decided against pope

Microsoft Word

office SharedFeatures

office Tools


PC Intel processor or greater than 1 x86 / x64 instruction set processor SSE2

Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

Hard Drive: the US free disk space

eragileSistema: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later

Graphics, graphics hardware requires a distance DirectX10grafichna card.


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