Format Factory 64/32 Bit Torrent Download

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Format Factory 64/32 Bit Torrent Download

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Format Factory

Factori format is a multifunctional converting software that converts all types of video, audio and images. Full, powerful and free, it’s a conversion tool.

There are so many conversions

Before downloading a file on your mobile device (for example,iPhone, iPad or Android), console (PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP) or burn them to a disc for playback of a TV or audio system, you can convert it to a compatible air conditioner format.

FormatFactory is a comprehensive software detail that allows you to convert virtuallyany file format. For multi-media files, Format Factor can break everything, including audio, video, and images, and offer multiple output options. Italso allows you to configure this file between low, medium and high.

You also get FactoriSome features of the system, including CD and DVD content on the PC, as well as the ability to combine video and audio files.

How does it work?

So. To convert files to Factory format, all this will happen in the column on the left side of the video interface. This allows you to select the destination type(audio, video, image) and codecs that you want to use.
Format Factory Portable 2 To convert a video, we recommend using the “Mobile Device” if it will accept its format choice on your device.

The Factori format allows you to add files to the conversion package for convenience.There are several additional options, and as a result, you can make a minimal correction, although it means that it is being used. Also, full beginner help is available, which explains the features of the software.

The format factor is also available in 62 languages ​​and you can customize itYour interface with 4 different skins. For those who do not want to install it on their own computer, a mobile phone version can be downloaded, for example, with a USB key.


If you want to convert playback files to your mobile phone, tablet, console, CD, DVD orE-reader, or if you are looking for only a comprehensive software that converts almost any type of file, the format factor is the ideal solution.