FIFA 14.1 Download Torrent

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FIFA 14.1 Download Torrent

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FIFA 14.1

FIFA Soccer 14 PC Simulator add more realism in the game to enhance and introduced a new element.

a form of truth

This version of the new features focused on in the game. The football game is a game realism never seen a number of features designed to enhance competition.

BESTELAKOAKGogor worked in animation players. The subtlety of the year, however, the movement of the New, sprints, delays, by the revolutions of the earth, and the direction of history changes greatly molliustenti.

Where better to return to growth control.You nowuseto protect the dignity of the way through the shield. It is advantageous for the storage and dictate action for peace.

Physics and shooting the ball halaberBertsio this new approach. Chili shot function, depending on the context of the action, the best players do not define the location and angle to shoot the target. The plane can be calibrated in millimeters, and the ball physics, you can see track paths ipsiuset realistic effects.

Anotherimportantimprovement function by intelligence. retractedAccordingly, this aspect it means the game being played in a real football players as they can. Now check their current team players will be able to walk towards the Defender of the defensive line. They are useful in all things to the visual cues, he shows that the accuracy of what options are available. And not only seems to get closer to the game itself, certainly intuitively in the way of many more to be done to provide information in the fields, so that the player with the ereEz speEst known to the series.

This is not the real end of the game;that is, the risk of a safe passage downwards to the middle of the transition of ownership of an incomparable saiatuzzelaiaMinimum increases, and it was so. In this version, the opposing team’s players believe that this war andincrease pressure from the victory in the middle of the field just like the real game. This realism makes for a great game!

A sports Daarnaastom improvements have been added to enhance the experience of other new features. As a career, for example, will be able to send staff to the public world as a child osokoTalentu.If you want in detail, the player is looking for a profilepenitus through the menus to scout talent and a way of life.

In terms of online multiplayer games, introducedCo She is in a campaign mode is it.

FIFA14 introduces a new, fun skill games (seenfor timeII first Halo 13) is designed to train and improve your technical skills. And the art speak for this game only, which moves, dribbling, progresses, the player also includes a section that will run in the celebrations.

Fifa 14, whichis redesignedthe game interface is very useful, and finally an attractive new design. On the other hand, training, team management system, ui are not included in the new design.

And realistic sense CHECKS

In former times had appointed it, shows very nicely that FIFA 14 has his own share. The controls are like the previous version, but to maneuver the player feel greatly improved.

Nothing to do with The empire, however, agility and gehiagoJokoa more slowly, more of peace, the most important thing is the story of a reasonable encourages teamwork. suddenly reactivenessstage plays and improvements, installation so the strength of the maneuver.
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Concerning the movement and the precision of pure shot features, along with Newball exponentially better physics and gameplay, and volleys all movements that could make handiagozaurretik relieve himself than ever before.

The graphics engine, but also morerealism

PS4and the Xbox console has a new next-gen graphics engine to fire Dever versions in Fife thePCdoesn’t 14. FIFA 13 PC version was the engine performance of the graphicsThe updated version is different from the previous one, however, real estate and in a big way handituerrealismo improvements physics.


It was not easy, but it could be improved on the game Electronic Arts was not his own. The new game featuresadeo aimed at more casual players to hardcore game, and the game that EA really degree never before seen.

Despite the progress made in the new PES dituFIFA 14 to strengthen and confirm its leadership as the best football game on the market.