FIFA 08 fast-dl download

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FIFA 08 fast-dl download

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Everyone knows that there are two types of players – those who love Pro Evolution Football and those who love FIFA.

Until recently, I tell you that people in the last camp are a group of idiots who do not know anything about computer games or football. Because of the last few editions of EA games, however, I wassurprised that I am more impressed by FIFA (especially since it’s more like Pro Evo, I think). FIFA 08 is the bestThis message Up to now and it looks like this game is finally his age.

FIFA 08 game is more fluid than ever and thanks to some repairs to the shot mechanism,preserving the pressure, the player’s characteristics, and even the impact of air pressure, which now implies a realistic game simulation.
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The graphics are fine, the details and the animations are beautiful and the effect of the comments and their effects make it look like watching TV.Always benefiting from the licenses on his side, FIFA08 has an amazing 620 team of 30 leagues, and a total of over 1,500 real players you want.

The previous version of the management mode continues, and FIFA 08 introduced a new feature that I always wanted from a football game. The “BePro: Co-season “allows you to create your own profile of a player, then you will play the same timeline for your team with your friends, or others online. It is an exciting experience that gives you the opportunity to prove how well you are in the game and develop them your skills as an individualplayer.

With standard slick presentation and unlimited customization options, Pro Evo 2008 definitely needs to go to the desert to get the best FIFA 08.