Facebook Pro 4 puff puff Torrent

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Facebook Pro 4 puff puff Torrent

No virus
Facebook Pro 4

Facebook Pro is a program that allows only functionality to use a social network without any popular browser. No installation and no options.

All Facebook applications

After launching Facebooksoftware Pro directly download the page on Facebook. Facebook Pro 2
Designed forUser experience is what you expect, you can log in and read your wall, send personal messages, update your status and change your account settings, including other Facebook features.

PadaSayangnya, This program does not include a specific version or add new features,Which increase the efficiency of using social networks.

Icons in the taskbar

As an app, the icon for Facebook Pro melekatuntuk Windowstaskbar. Facebook Pro 4 64 Bit Torrent Download This means that you can easily access Facebookeven if you do not open a classic browser.

No need

If you want to always on Facebook andA simple diaksestugas-service Facebook Pro is the program for you.

Unfortunately, there is no big claim to glory here: Software is just a window that launches a social network and much more. In addition, vykorystovuyebahato resources; During the testing butuh130 MB of RAM, which is a lot for suchObmezhenohozastosuvannya.