DiRT 4 v1 installer 64 Bit torrent download

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DiRT 4 v1 installer 64 Bit torrent download

No virus
DiRT 4 v1

Corrects dirt + 4 + 3 DLCs

Release date June 9, 2017

Genres / Tags: race, meeting, 3D

Developer: Codemasters

Publisher: Codemasters

Platform: PC

Motor: house

Vapor Rating: 61% positive comments from users (based on 451 comments)

Language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish

Audio: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish

Crack: Built-in (CODEX / RELOADED / RIOT)

Minimum requirements:

Operating system: 64-bit Windows versionsWindows, P7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Processor: AMD FX series or Intel Core i3 series


Graphics card: AMD HD5570 or NVIDIA GT440 with video memory of 1 GB (requires DirectX) 11 graphics cards)

DirectX: 11

Hard disk space: 36 GB (~ 38 GB in installation)

Game screenshots: to zoom in If you can not see the screens, turn off AdBlock


The engine is inherently dangerous. DiRT 4, all the scope of this danger. It’s for emotion, emotion and adrenaline,That’s absolutely neabhodnymdlya offroad racing. And what’s more, your love for that feeling. Their openings adjust near the strong fall of the rock. The transition to the abyss is a bit small. I sell the air that can enter the truck. They call you to be scared. Dark Souls III Update v1

DiRT4 also changed the game system called step; An innovative tool to create a rally rhythm that allows an almost infinite number of unique scenes at the touch of a button. Choose the place and configure the route options,Your hard work and pixels, To create a unique concentration phase you can compete and share with your friends and challenge them to overcome their path. Your stage of concentration participants with the experience of creating longer routes, more techniques and beginners can create short routes, such as improving your skills.

With four trash, Codemasters tried to combine the level of emotion and realism in recent years Dirt rally emotion without fear, the availability of fuel and racingAdrenaline prediToy seen in its background krytychnavyadomy Dirt Dirt 2 and 3. Meridian Squad 22

Rooms are decorated in classic racing rally, which continues to build on the foundation created with the game Kolin Makrey Rally, bruised competitions at the FIA ​​World Official Rally Cross Championship, crazy racing trucks trucks and gods, as well as open events veselbataOt ultrajantes Joyride, players will face The problems of places that spread over three continents.

Functions of the package

– Based on the ISO problem:(33.976.909.824 bytes)

– Correction installed on (due to sam2k8)

-Perazagruzka crack COD replaces one, RLD is still availableNoDVD folder after installing Revolt Steamworks Fix (suitable), which allows multiplayer through Steam, with the same crack owner

– 3 DLSS included and activated: Hyundai R5 Rally Car, Team Booster Pack, Founder Icon

– 100% loss-free MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to the originals after installation

– Do not tear, no backspace

-Selectivity function To download: You can download the download and install to attract and padruchnikkino

– File size considerably smaller (compressed with up to ~ GB, depending on the selected components)

– The installation takes ~ 45 minutes for CPU + SSD 8 cores; 1 hour and 4 CPU + HDD cores; ~ 2 CPU and HDD cores

– Then check the integrity set so you can make sure everything is set correctly

– disk space after installation:36 GB (~ 38 GB installation time)

– Use of the language; The game radically changes the language of the game

– Repack uses the Razor12911PZlib library

– (Virtual machine) At least2 Gbvolnay RAM has to install this Repack

– WARNING! If you install this Repack on Windows 10, run the installer with a set of compatibility with Windows 7

– FitGirl Package

Problems during installation?

Read this guide on file functions