Connectify Hotspot 64bit Portable torrent

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Connectify Hotspot 64bit +Portable torrent

No virus
Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot makes your PC Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing computers, smartphones and other tablets to share your connection.

Make connection

Connectify Hotspot identifies your PC’s network card and automatically configures it as an access point, giving you a network name and password. By clicking “Start of hotspot”, you will activate your access point and let the keyword device close together. The “Client” tab will show a bad device now connected to the access pointYou.

It works exactly the way you want without further input, although you can configure options such as passwords and network names (in the paid version). Once configured, you can set up connections, as well as keep track of old friends and connected devices before.


Are you connected so handy? Your computer must be enabled to use Wi-Fi as an access point, because all connected devices must exist. Therefore, if you have a routerwireless, It seems unnecessary. It is possible that you only have a home wired connection or you want to provide a more useful wireless network, but for most people that is drying up Connectify Hotspot has only a few uses.

Therefore, the Connectify Hotspot feature that can be used secretly for everyday use is that you can share files and folders with others on your network via a simple drag and drop interface.

If it’s for you

Connect Hotspotnot easy to use and do what it says. Do not grumble it, but if you do, it’s ideal.