Call of Duty 2 torrent download

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Call of Duty 2 torrent download

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Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty is a first person World War II shooter classic game.
For the first time in 2003, a series that dominated the genre for years to come. Together with the original Medal of Honor, it defines the look and feel of World War II game for years to come. In permainanmengikuti stories of soldiers fighting in the United States and the Soviet British Army and includes not only pedestrians but also a small number of combat missions shield.

naSlava and tragedy of war

Call of Duty Isteexciting, fast-paced first-person shooter, but there is not only a battle scene tindakankeseronokan film. They are often surprised his dark vision of chaos and terror of combat, mission especially devastating in the campaign of the Red Army. this scene inspired two films as Enemy at the Gates, and the incident in real life in the Battle of Stalingrad warlike haosotnadengan way some other video games have been achieved.

classic shooter for fans

If the fan cysteine ​​the firstShoodern Call of Duty definitely worth not only to play, because it is an interesting game, but also because of its impact on the game later. Some items mungkinIa is outdated, such as system requirements and some graphics, but still imamnogu here to enjoy, especially history and Kriegsbuffs.

Call of Duty is a good, free Windows games that are part of the PC gaming category Category Various utilities (especially updatingnow) and have diterbitkanoleh CallOfDuty.

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Since the game was added to our catalog in 2004, it has received 495,866 downloads last week dostigna1.885 download.

This game for Windows 98 and earlier versions are offered for users of the Windows operating system, and you bolehturun in English only. version of the game and information submitted is 12/20/2004.

Call of Duty is a game that takes up less space than manyIndia play computer games section. It is a very popular game in India, USA and Romania.