Bus Simulator 16 x64 x86 installer Download Torrent

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Bus Simulator 16 x64 x86 installer Download Torrent

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Bus Simulator 16

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Bus Simulator 16: Golden Edition

c) Entertainment Astragon

Posted on: August 25, 2017 Drive. Amount / Format: 1 disc

Game type: Simulation Media Protection: Steam

Experience great time with bus simulator 16! Take all buses and missions

for full experience!

Contentof gold

In addition to the full version of Bus Simulator 16 successfully

The Golden Edition offers you all DLCs that are running and updates like:

Additional bus:

MANLION City 47 М.


Mercedes-Benz Citara L.

Mercedes-Benz Citara G.

MAN Lion City CNG


MAN Lion City GL CNG

Additional Missions:

About the missionVachkov: Meet the rich philanthropist and the huge team of buses

Wachowski. Master five challenging tasks and win attractive prizes

to develop a royal people.

Mission Pack 2: The world is crazy for the city of Sun City

call. He wants to improve tourismof the city and you have to organize your work

I was transporting. Plan a new route, making it profitable and earning big profits

the amount of money, and constant gratitude in the city


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