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BlackBerry Link 1

BlackBerry Link is connecting an official BlackBerry plan for your 10 device to your computer BlackBerry.
It’s like the BlackBerry Desktop Software, but specifically for BlackBerry 10.BlackBerry compound manages all content in your phone and synchronize photos, music, video and all kinds of files on your computer, all over Wi-Fi or USB. BlackBerry Link supports Windows Media Player and iTunes music synchronization kamili.Hii 10 BlackBerry Desktop Software, you also make aTo install copy the contents bekommenmaakJou yasimu and new software updates: BlackBerry Link, the alerts you when a new version inapatikana.Pamoja is very useful for interactive content, BlackBerry connection to transfer the entire contents of the old to the new Blackberry 10 ideal. It’s really easy .BlackBerry Link-modern design, compatible with flow UI interface has BlackBerry 10 web surfing, is very good thanks to the use of tabs and supply of components.Übertragungskomponentenvon mkononikifaavir PC and is back yao.BlackBerry link the new face of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, beautiful and practical surface is draw, all you have to do. But note that it only works on BlackBerry 10th

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