AnyTrans 4.6 Free Download Torrent

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AnyTrans 4.6 Free Download Torrent

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AnyTrans 4.6

There is nothing unpleasant that you can not easily transfer files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer or Mac or vice versa. AnyTrans is a simple solution that makes it easy to transfer all data stored on your iOS device to your computer or Mac.

HighlyEasy Installation and transfer of files

AnyTrans is easy to install and run. It’s nice that nothing is installed on your iOS device, the client should only be on your PC or computerMacintosh installed. Actually, the only thing you need to do on your IPhoneOr iPad, – to confirm that the device is a reliable connection on the first connection.

Once you connect your iOS device to your computer, AnyTrans automatically detects the device type and provides you with various options. UC Browser 8 At first glance, it immediately displays all media files available on your device. From there, it is just a case of selecting the files you are transferringAnd click “Import” in the lower right corner. In addition, you can simply select “Import all” and import all media to the computer or to the iTunes library.

Problems with iCloud

Unfortunately, AnyTrans will not work if your device is connected to iCloud. When you try to sync contacts or iTunes, it automatically prompts you to log off from iCloud to continue. This is clearly annoying iCloud user, but if you use AnyTransNot to sync files, this is not the main problem. AnyTrans is better suited for those who simply want to transfer files separately, something very fast and efficient.

You have the option to connect AnyTrans to your iCloud account, but it is obviously something that most users should be very careful about.
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Once connected, AnyTrans can retrieve and download all your iCloud data, if you wish.

A good utility for iOS filesForHouseholds with Mac and PC

Total user experience AnyTrans очень хорош. The interface is clear and is particularly good in OS X. All the basic parameters are clearly stated, and even those who have little experience with the computer will have no problems with importing and exporting files manually. AnyTrans specifically for families in households with Macs and PCs provides a simple and hassle-free way to transfer data between iOS devices and computers.