AnonymoX 2.4 Sundown download torrent

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AnonymoX 2.4 Sundown download torrent

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AnonymoX 2.4

AnonymoX for Firefox is an addition that gives you fast, unknown grazing as you click a button.

If you are worried about online privacy, anonymoX is a good option. When enabled, you will be able to choose any IP address, delete cookies, and view the IP address consoles – all designed to make life safer online.

The problem with a lot of hidden hidden and IP MPs is that they are complex for nastroykai can slowly surf seriously surfing. Not so with anonymoX. Firefox is so easy to installAs a regular appendix, and allows randomization of “identity” at random.
MEGASync 2.8
By clicking on the icon to the AnonymoX address bar, then you can select a specific identity from the list, including the United States, Europe and Asia.

AnonymoX step further and help you remove cookies when leaving or changing websiteHunance by preventing a website from identifying you. The app also allows you to swap between the nap Tor of its office, and you can enable additional AnonymousX information on the bottom bar that shows the identityYou are currently involved with, and what IP is available to the public. Clicking on this information will allow you to change it.

AnonymoX is a very small service, although it is not particularly flexible. Configuration options are limited to this pretty koetovizhdate interface, but of course, means that the service is a tool to use. Using maximisms, we also AnonymoX are quite fast, but, as always, some locations were slower than others, especially when choosingthe United States.

If you are looking for an occasional hidden IP and rarely using Firefox, there is an free AnonymoX option. You can always uslugapremiya upgrade, but if you look a bit more anonymous with details and / or configuration, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Free, occasional notification, great tool AnonymoX Firefox is easy to use.

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